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What’s New in Social Media / Feb 2017

What’s New in Social Media / Feb 2017

The social media landscape is ever changing and ever improving. There’s a new update every day, whether it’s an acquisition, a new functionality, a new piece of social media software or another way to optimise the user experience online.

Every month, we’ll pick our favourite social media happenings to share with you to help you manage social media better within your business or try something new. So what’s new in social media?

Connecting with Workplace

facebook workplace

Workplace by Facebook helps your company collaborate” is the welcoming message on the video tour of Workplace. Having been tried and tested in relative silence over the past couple of years, Facebook Workplace is gaining notoriety and with its clear layout, secure sharing and ease of use, it’s becoming the platform of choice for companies seeking new ways to enhance their internal communication and collaboration.

Similar to the likes of Slack and Yammer? Well, it is but for large organisations is priced much lower at the moment while Facebook continue to develop it.

What are the features?

  • Workplace is separate from your personal Facebook account
  • Groups and multi company groups
  • Instant messaging ‘work chat’
  • Voice calls and live video calls

With a free 90 day trial and only $3 per user after that (or free for non-profits and educational institutions), it could be worth trying Workplace out to see if helps your team.

To Do or Not To Do


Chrome just got a brand new app and we love it. Think how many working hours have been spurned checking up on friends when you first login to Facebook. But now, thanks to Todobook, you have to earn that right. Todobook is a Chrome extension that hides your newsfeed with a to-do list, allowing you access to your timeline once you’ve completed all the items on your list and even then, the default setting only allows you five minutes to scroll the all important stuff.

Fear not page admins, you can still navigate through your page without having completed your list, it simply stops you procrastinating the day away looking at photos of your friend’s dog.

For those of us that work in social media and are online most of the day, this is a great way to prevent distraction.

Mistakes That Go Unnoticed

facebook edited post

Nobody is perfect; we’re all guilty of making a mistake now and again and there is nothing more frustrating that publishing a post online only to realise there’s a typo. Twitter still doesn’t allow us to rectify these mistakes without deleting the tweet but Facebook does give the option to edit a post after it’s been published. Up until now, the fact that you’ve had to edit the post has been broadcast to the world with “edited” obvious to the general public, but for those of us that are embarrassed by our mistakes, things are about to change as the “edited” label is set to be removed. Hurrah!

Instagram LIVE!

instagram live

Following in the footsteps of Facebook and Twitter, Instragram is going live but with one significant twist, your live videos on Instagram won’t be stored on your profile, or anywhere for that matter. Once you’ve finished recording your video will be deleted.

Your followers will know you’re going live via a notification and a live badge in your story icon. As well as being a lot of fun amongst friends, this feature could open the door to businesses wanting to announce special offers to a select audience.

Here’s how to do it if you fancy giving it a try!

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