Social Media Training for Business

Strategy, Practical & Tailored Social Media Training Sessions

Social Media Strategy TrainingTailored to your business

Setting Objectives

The most important part of any social media plan is having clear, realistic objectives that are aligned with your business. Objectives will change throughout the year according to trading patterns and as your business develops so we’ll establish short and long terms goals and set measurable targets so we know what success will look like.

Audience Personas

We are talking to people on social media so we need to know who they are in order to engage them. We’ll develop a set of customer ‘personas’ to give us a solid basis for maximising engagement, delivering targeted content and optimising paid advertising.

Social Networks

We’ll look at the social networks relevant to your customer base and ideal for your type of organisation. You’ll learn how to grow your audience and build a community on the networks of your choice. Gaining relevant followers and developing meaningful connections will raise awareness of your business and allow you to communicate with your target market.

Brand Voice

Effective social media marketing and communication needs a consistent style of delivery behind it. By working through your brand values we will establish a brand voice and digital personality that accurately represents your business and gives you the confidence you need to interact on social media.

Content Strategy

Learn to differentiate your brand from your competitors and stand out on social media. I can help you develop a social media content plan and specific campaigns that will engage your audience and achieve your objectives. A dose of inspiration and my handy content planning template is all you need to spark more ideas back in the workplace.

Community Management

We’ll ensure that the strategy you take away with you works within your time, budget and resources. You’ll learn how to manage your social media accounts effectively, growing networks and engaging your audience. We’ll cover best practices for page management, comment moderation and also look at how to handle negative feedback or reviews.

Paid Promotion

A budget is a necessary part of most social media strategies these days. We’ll look at how different types of Facebook and Twitter advertising work, how they can benefit you and which can help you achieve your objectives. You’ll learn how to create adverts, target specific customers, monitor and manage adverts and finally measure performance.

Measurement & Reporting

It’s essential to be able to measure the performance of your social media plan. We’ll look at the different metrics so you know what you’re dealing with. Learn your way around Google Analytics, Facebook Insights & Twitter Analytics. You’ll understand how to analyse individual pieces of content, whole campaigns and progress within any specific date range.

Tips & Tools

We have lots of tips and advice for you, best practice to aim for and mistakes to avoid. You’ll learn about a variety of useful tools that can save you time, monitor keywords and competitors, help you create, discover, curate and schedule content. Learn which ones are best for you and will become invaluable on your social journey.


Caroline Bissell, Diversified Communications

``Kerry was engaging and very personable from the start which helped the training get off to a great start. Throughout, both her (clearly extensive) knowledge and friendly approach (using our own products as examples) really enabled us to get the most out of the training and we came away having built a social media strategy for the coming year! Thank you!``