Social Media Consultancy

Social Media Services for Business

Why do you offer social media consultancy?

We offer a flexible consultancy service because some organisations need ongoing or flexible support in a variety of areas in addition to or instead of training or social media management. Some organisations find that a consultant can bring a level of expertise and skill that is needed in what is still a relatively new, yet still constantly changing digital landscape.

How can you help my business?

We are flexible and will work with your organisation in a way that suits you. Whether it’s project-based, an ongoing contract, a few hours or several days per month, we can find a beneficial arrangement to help you achieve your goals. Small businesses and startups often need occasional advice and guidance and larger organisations are likely to have a more complex set of needs and areas of focus.

What can I expect from working with a social media consultant?

We will quickly get to know your business, resources and objectives and ascertain your current social media activity. Your goals will determine the scope of the work to be undertaken but could include the following:

  • Developing a social media strategy to deliver organisational goals
  • Designing and implementing processes to incorporate social media in the work culture
  • Advising on policy with respect to employee social media use
  • Working with marketing and communications teams to improve content and team performance
  • Delivery of in-house training as and when required
  • Performance data measurement, analysis and top level reporting
  • Liaise with developers and creative teams to optimise social media campaigns
  • Social Brighton team can manage elements of social media planning and/or delivery

How much support does my business need?

Every business is different so let’s talk and establish if we’re the right fit; it’s important that you feel confident working with us and that we are the right people to help your business. Then we’ll agree on a plan and get straight to work.

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