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Podcast – Social Media Simplified Episode 1 &2

Podcast – Social Media Simplified Episode 1 &2

PWelcome to our new podcast, Social Media Simplified.

Episode 1 – Getting to know us

In Episode 1, you can get to know us a little more. Myself (Kerry), Callum & Jake roll the dice with our list of questions to ask each other for your listening pleasure.

Episode 2 – What’s new in social? Twitter removing locked accounts from follower numbers, smart speakers & IGTV

In Episode 2, we look at what’s new in social and how these new features or trends can impact your business.

I talk you through Twitter’s crackdown on locked accounts; how to find out how ‘real’ your followers are, and what you can do to build an engaged social media audience.

Jake provides an overview of the smart speaker/voice assistant market and looks at how this technology might shape the consumer experience of the future.

Callum explores the potential of IGTV, Instagram’s new long-form video platform.

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