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How to Link to Multiple URLs on Instagram

How to Link to Multiple URLs on Instagram

Instagram only allows one URL

Annoyingly, Instagram only allows us one ‘clickable’ link in our Instagram profile. So some brands regularly change the link in their bio when they publish about something they want to link to and include ‘link in bio’ in the post copy. This makes sense and I often recommend this to clients who have built an engaged following and want to generate website traffic.

How to add multiple link destinations

There is a useful tool called which allows you to link to multiple online destinations – web pages, apps, other social channels – on Instagram.

You can set up a free account which includes the following basic features:

  • Get unlimited links on your linktree.
  • See the total number of times each link has been clicked.
  • Pick from a selection of linktree themes.

The paid account, at $6 per month, include some pretty good features:

  • See a day-by-day breakdown of link traffic.
  • Give access to your team to manage your linktree and links.
  • Complete customization of your linktree colors and button styles.
  • Change the title of your linktree.
  • Time your links to go live in-line with scheduled posts.
  • Retarget your Linktree visitors on Facebook and Instagram by adding your Facebook Pixel ID.

How to set it up

Once you’ve connected your account (which you’ll be prompted to do), Linktree is very user friendly and walks you through the set up easily.

Adding links…

Customising colours…

There’s even an online chat if you get stuck.

More about the Pro features are listed here if you’re interested to read more. I’d recommend the Pro version of Linktree if Instagram is a strong channel that works well for your brand and you also promote content. For under £5 per month it could well be worth it to have the link tracking measurement and Facebook pixel integration.

Personally, I don’t use Instagram a great deal for work, but I have recommended this to many clients who have found it to be really useful. Perhaps one day Instagram will change the way it works in terms of including links but, for now at least, linktree is a handy little tool!

Happy linking!