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5 Steps to New Social Media Content Ideas

5 Steps to New Social Media Content Ideas

Run out of good social media content ideas?

Find yourself staring at a blank screen sometimes and not sure what to post? Feeling uninspired with no decent social media content ideas? First of all, don’t publish anything if you’re not convinced it’s good. And second of all, don’t worry – everyone hits a brick wall of creativity sometimes.

help i need social media content ideasDeveloping social media content strategies for clients and trainees is one of my favourite parts of being a social media consultant and I hope these 5 steps will help you overcome your social media content block.

  1. Look at the data
  2. Take a step back
  3. Organise a brainstorming session
  4. Review your strategy
  5. Research other businesses

Look at the data

Checking your Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, Google Analytics etc should be the first port of call. It’s always a good idea to know how your content is performing but many don’t find time to check this regularly. Understanding why your website traffic may have gone up/down or why certain Facebook posts reached far more people than others will help you work out (amongst other things) how your content is performing. Learning what engages your audience will help you to develop more content along those lines.

Take a step back

Understanding your audience is key to creating great social media content. Taking an objective look at your Facebook timeline or Twitter feed and putting yourself in your customers shoes is easier said than done. Be really honest – do you think they’d be interested in what you’re publishing? Are you interested? If you find it a little dull then it’s clear you’ve run out of inspiration and it’s time to get the team together and think this through. Ask your customers what they want so you can be sure you’re adding value with your content strategy.

Organise a brainstorming session

Trying to think of great content ideas on your own can be really tough. It’s far more effective for most people to have someone else to bounce ideas around with. Get your colleagues together over lunch or organise a meet up with other freelancers if you work alone. Or, if you come to my social media content workshop, you’ll be leaving with a whole heap of ideas, inspiration and a publishing calendar that could cover months! We work in small groups where everyone helps others with ideas and I spend time with everyone individually as well to help develop ideas into great campaigns.

Once you’ve generated a lot of social media content ideas, get ready for some trial and error – by testing different ideas and measuring content performance, you’ll soon learn what works and what doesn’t.

Review your strategy

Great social media content not only engages your audience but is working hard for your business too. When did you last think about your social media objectives? Are they still relevant today? If your business has evolved, launched another service or product or is now focusing on a new market… it’s time to update your strategy with some new objectives and a content plan to match. For example, if you need to drive website traffic, a blogging strategy is key as well as sharing links on social. Or if want to improve your customers experience on social, plan an engagement strategy and decide which networks are relevant for delivering it. Remember, good community management is as important, if not more so, than great content.

Research other businesses

Allocating a little time to researching your competitors is a worthwhile exercise. Note down what they do and what seems to be engaging their audience. Are there any themes that you like or dislike? Looking at others can be great for inspiring you to do better (and give you some good pointers on what to avoid!) Be careful not to copy anyone else as this will not look good; take inspiration but focus on sharing what you do best to differentiate yourself in the marketplace.

Practical takeaways for new social media content ideas

  1. Take the 6 most engaging pieces of social media or web content from the past 6 months and rework them – a new image to accompany a post or some new copy to accompany a blog post.
  2. Ask your customers what they want in an online survey
  3. Organise a creative meeting session to generate content ideas with your colleagues
  4. Plan content around your business objectives
  5. List your USPs and strong points and plan content to communicate each of these.

I always look forward to social media content workshops and I love helping people devise brilliant content strategies for their business. If you’d like to discuss how I can help you with your content strategy, please just get in touch.

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