Brighton’s Great Tweets

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Brighton’s Great Tweets

Brighton’s Great Tweets

I scanned Twitter for a few minutes before I even got out of bed this morning (yes, I’m a Twitter addict) and two of the tweets I saw instantly registered as great tweets. I knew straight away that I would, at some point, refer to them in a conversation or training session with a client. This is because they were examples of how brilliant Twitter can be for business – if it’s used cleverly.

No one really wants a brand to advertise to them on a social network unless they’re giving something away or providing some useful information. So it takes a great deal of thought from business owners or community managers to create the right online ‘voice’ and balance of content which people will engage with.

Building Networks

A lot of what I do with Social Brighton is training people about best practice on social networks and teaching them how to build networks and engage their audience whilst marketing their business and managing the perception of their brand. And I often use examples of accounts to inspire them or, in some cases, to show them what not to do. These accounts are sometimes local, sometimes global and they span many industries depending on who I’m working with.

I’ve decided to share a few of them here now and again in the hope that it will help Brighton’s businesses get their social activity moving in the right direction to meet their business objectives. We can always learn something from others!

Simple, eye-catching tweets

The first great tweet I saw this morning from @Metrodeco is a great tweet because they show they are real people. Through tweets like this we feel like we get to know them a little more – it isn’t just a business shamelessly trying to sell us something. We learn that they hire talented baristas and we know that they make a great looking coffee.

Personally I like the china and wonder what Corey looks like too – maybe I’ll have to go in and see!

best restaurant tweeters

The second tweet that caught my attention was from @BrightonNick who posted a photo of this incredibly huge fish and a chef preparing it for some delectable sushi. Not sure about you but this certainly made me think about @moshibrighton1 as a venue to visit soon!

best restaurant tweeters

I’m well aware there were many other brilliant tweets out there but these were the two that I saw in my Twitter stream and gave me the idea of this new series of blog posts about Brighton’s Best Tweeters.

Have a great weekend! I’m planning on going out for coffee and sashimi myself…

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