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By using the lovely site you can create an infographic based on either a certain hashtag (below) or a personal Facebook ‘Monster’ by allowing it to access you Facebook profile and information (you will not see THAT below). You do have to sign up and wait for an invite from before you can get going but when you’re in, it’s all about the infographics: creating, uploading and sharing. I chose #SXSW as it was a recent hashtag I was following on Twitter.

This is just a bit of fun but I love the way that there are sites like this that allow any of us to create something visual that doesn’t look like you made it on Microsoft Paint. Social media is all about posting content that people want to share and it can sometimes be really hard to come up with ideas. There may be an opportunity for your business to create something like this, especially if you start your own hashtags on Twitter or join in with other hashtags yourself! Food for thought possibly.

infographic created with

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