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Services available

Tailored Social Media Training

I offer affordable social media training that’s inspirational, informative, practical and fun! I have ‘ready to go’ sessions but I provide most clients with a tailored package to meet their specific requirements and skill level. This means that each person or group of people finishes our training with exactly the right information, resources and support for their specific business and individual roles within that company.

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Strategy Development

If you want to be presented with an easy to understand social media strategy, specifically tailored to your business and your customers, that you can take away and use, confident that you have the practical skills to implement it, then I’ll do the leg work for you.

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Social Media Management

You may want to outsource social media management while you get to grips with it. Sometimes seeing an expert do it is the best way to learn. Social Brighton’s community management is flexible and transparent and I’ll always be honest about what can be achieved within your budget and timeframe. There are no fixed contracts or hidden costs!

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The Social Brighton Approach

My approach is based around my values of honesty, transparency and a commitment to learning. Whilst I train others and develop their skills, I am always learning myself. Social media, digital technology and the tools available to us for personal and business use are constantly evolving. So you can be sure that training is relevant and up to date!

I pride myself on getting to know all my clients and their businesses thoroughly so that all my advice and training is accurate, relevant and useful.

Why use Social Brighton?

I work in this industry because I love social media and I love training and I’m highly skilled in both. My experience in business and my passion for this subject means that my clients get a top notch service, thorough knowledge in the subject matter and intelligent, strategic solutions that work for their business.

If you want tailored advice from someone (who is somewhat of a perfectionist) who knows what they’re talking about and will put in the hours to make sure they know your business, then Social Brighton is right for you. You can read what my clients think here.


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