Affordable social media training that’s inspirational, informative, practical and fun!

Online marketing and in particular social media, has become a huge part of everyday life and millions of people, your customers included, are communicating on social networks. So it makes sense to get some social media training and join in, right?

Well, yes, but jumping in head first without a plan is not going to bring the kind of results you want and will almost certainly end up with wasted resources and a lack of motivation. Whether you’re in Brighton & Hove or further afield, I can help!

social brighton training

Training should never be dull. We learn effectively and retain information if we’re enjoying it!

There is an enormous amount of opportunity here if you go about things the right way. So what can businesses gain from joining in with all this social media malarkey?

  • Listening to what your customers (and others) are saying about your brand
  • Establish an open line of communication for customer service
  • Being in a position to respond to comments and questions
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Raise your profile and increase brand awareness
  • Manage your organisation’s reputation
  • Adapt marketing strategies and save money on print costs
  • Engage your audience with rich content marketing
  • Increase your audience ‘reach’ and therefore potential customers
  • Enjoy amplified ‘word of mouth’ recommendations and testimonials
  • Drive more traffic to your website
  • Monitor your competition
  • Maximise recruitment opportunities
  • Become a thought leader in your field
  • Improve internal communication policies
  • Engage your employees by utilising their skills and investing in their training

If you’re not sure about the how, who, where and why of social media and online marketing, don’t panic – it’s a lot to get your head around and I understand that the digital landscape can seem like quite an intimidating one! Take a look at my training packages here or call now for a chat about how I can help – 07766 310317

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